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Monday, May 11, 2009

heya peeps...

kinda sad. nobody really bothers about this blog anymore!
last post goes all the way back to February and now it's May!!!

how time flies..
each and everyone of us busy with our own lives...
occasional meet-ups like once in a blue moon.
and so many missing pple in the clique! hur.

it's as though we are practically on a stand-still!

so peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
let's keep it up okie.....
afterall, our friendship goes a long long long way back.

looking forward to Lay's birthday celebration! woots.


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Friday, February 27, 2009


i'm back from perth! :)
enjoyed my trip there.
it was a fun and exciting hands-on
real life experience for me!

however, the time i had at perth
was not long cos the shops close pretty early.
and silly me forget to bring camera out!!
haiya.. WASTED! =X

and am looking forward
to seoul later this evening!

i'll definitely take photos this time round!

meanwhile, do take care my friends.
i miss you people!
havent seen u peeps quite a while.
i want to go out with u all. >.<
muacks* jeanie

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Seems like this is not a year for everyone else as well so dont worry!
You are not alone!
And i guess as friends, we should always understand each other.

Even though you may be missing out from outings, as long as we keep each other in mind, that's what matters most!
And when you are caught up in trouble or having a bad day, friends should always be around for one another isnt it?
And here is just one avenue that we can go to let out our frustrations and let each and everyone one else of us here know what's happening!

As for Beeyan..
Your boss hates you.
And you know he hates you.
so why bother being upset and pissed off?
Just do your own job and get it on!!
You can do it :)

And i guess... everyone will have to age.
And when you age, nevertheless your body will start to break down as well.
so i guess it's just part of a life cycle.
Everyone will grow old and eventually all sorts of problems will appear.
So i guess it's best for you to just take things easy and look at it at a bright side!
At the nursing home, she will get better care as well isnt it since all of u are busy~

As for ur uncles, well, let's just say they will have their own retributions?
So dont bother to fight with them cuz it will be like "playing music to the cow" tsk.

Anyway im getting more and more restless!
Cant wait for April to come soon and gain back my freedom...

Bali Trip in april. Anyone game for it?? :D


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Friday, February 20, 2009

hello ppl~
sorry that i've seem to disappear from gatherings and outings
just that this not my year =p

have gotten into major trouble with my new boss recently
and he has been making me fume with his idiotic decisions

just to sum it short,
my boss hates me and the feeling's mutual~
he basically treats me like an idiot now and sort of "demote" me...
very upset & pissed at him still
now, i don't know if I can really last until Jul/Aug before I resign
must cheer me on kays =p
so that I can stay on longer and make his life hell~

i'm sending my grandma to the nursing home tomorrow
want to cry but I can't...
coz I know my parents would be even more upset & worried...
my mum can't cope alone
with all of us at work or at school
and her own health isn't that good

my grandma has become quite senile over the past few months
and last week, I had to sent her to the hospi
It was the first time since four years ago when she has agreed to seeing a doc.
It broke my heart to see her so lifeless
so unlike her usual self...

over the past 2 days,
I came home to find out that she has fallen and my brothers didn't have enough strength
to carry her up
my mum had to call people to come over to my place to help out...
and both my uncles just couldn't be bother about what happening to my grandma
sometimes, I wish I could just shout at them...
how can they be so selfish towards their own mother?
I'm really so angry at them
do you think I'll get strike by thunder if I give in to my urges to throttle them?

I'm just complaining =p
will be all right
if not for myself, for my family then
coz they need someone to help make decisions and be strong
although I have to admit that I'm a little afraid deep down =)
pass me some strength to carry on okie =p

please pardon me if I rejected your offers to go out and chill kays =p

sk, don't blacklist me hor! I'm not rejecting you on purpose la =p

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

i am fine
i will be fine
i tink these few daes i must have scared u ppl
thanks ppl
i will be fine
give me some time
i am scare of time when i am alone
i dun like the lonely feeling
it make me tink
think alot
alot of tings
i duno what i will do

breaking down


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Saturday, February 7, 2009

hello peeps! it seems like its been long since i've seen ya! MISSES!
everybody is soooo busy.
me too.

anyway, just to inform you guys that i've already handed in my resignation letter!
which means in 2 mths time i will be no longer workin at the airport :)
im probably gonna just take a short break to decide on what i should move on to.

either studies or either finding another job i guess?

so for these 2 mths, i will also be contemplating my next move. hur~*

and to SK: please update and let out ur feelings here ya~
wondering what happened to you, why u are feeling so upset and all.
so don't keep me in suspense!

and not to worry, no matter how bad things are, you'll never walk alone! :D

hope to see you guys real soon~

and jia you for ur first flight jeanie baby! :D


i hugged you at 2/07/2009 12:08:00 PM;Y

Sunday, February 1, 2009

hey ppl
my lovely frens
wish all of u happy happy CNY yeah
have a nice year ahead
mooo mooo mooo

this year
isnt a very good start for me
many tins happened
my driving isnt going on very smoothly with me failing and failing again and again
and my grandma got hospitalised but relief that her condition had stabilised
and .....ya
this isnt a very good year for me
at least till now
my mood hasnt been very good lately
it has continued for about 1month plus le
i shallnt tink too much
for this new year
i wish for courage strength love and happiness
and i wish for my driving test to pass
and everyone around me to be happy and healthy


p.s. the slide show is so so many nice pics..thanks ong ong : )


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